Marie & Modest supports charity

Cosy up this winter and discover the comfort of our hemp sweaters. For every sweater sold, we will donate one to ‘De Rode Lotus‘. This way we can offer warmth to those who will need it most but can’t afford to buy durable fashion.

Read all about ‘De Rode Lotus’ mission here:
The giveaway store sets a number of goals. Both for the managers (Christine, Gwen) and the visitors to the store, as for the concerned parents of the children helping out.

1. Counterbalance for overconsumption

We want to make children, local residents and visitors aware that we often have more than necessary. We easily let ourselves go into a story of more and more, more expensive, newer,… until it leaves a void. We want to consume consciously again by thinking about what we really need and sharing the abundant.

2. Durability

The giveaway shop opts for sustainability. We all own things that are gathering dust in the closet, but could please others. In the giveaway shop things get a second life. You give away what you no longer need and take what can please you or an acquaintance. In this manner we make the mountain of waste smaller and offer an alternative to the disposable society.

3. Solidarity and togetherness

There is no money involved in the giveaway store. This creates an open atmosphere. The social barriers easily disappear. This is not a store for the poor, but for anyone who likes to browse, discover and share. Being able to take something with you for free contributes to togetherness and solidarity.

4. Meeting

The giveaway shop is a meeting place. The children, volunteers and visitors to the shop get to meet new people, chat with neighbors, whereas most interaction is otherwise very fleeting. In the giveaway shop you can easily meet other people while browsing. The giveaway store is a place where everyone is welcome. People come to give or take something, for the fun of the treasure hunt or to drink a coffee.
The giveaway shop also gives us the opportunity to improve mutual contact between local residents. We hope to reach a diverse audience with this store, so that local residents & children of different origins get to know each other better.

5. Involvement

We want to offer workshops in the future. more on this soon.
Everyone welcome!