SUPPLIERS – transparency

Marie & Modest attempts to make products with a long life, we invest time and research in their development.

We strongly believe in the advantages of using hemp fibre.

Evelyne has done extended research on the possibility to source this fibre and textile locally and the conclusion is that partially importing from China is actually a good way to guarantee you high quality ethically and ecologically grown hemp fibre, for now..

This is a selection of the fabric suppliers, suiting mills and factories we work with.

Hemp Fortex

Hemp Fortex is our main supplier for fabric, we chose them for a lot of reasons.

Hemp Fortex upholds the highest of working standards and in fact, was the first member of the Fair Wear Foundation in China mainland. This company was founded in 1999 with the idea that textiles can be luxurious and high quality while simultaneously being sustainable and eco-friendly. Something we at Marie & Modest value very much as you know. Their products are created with the promise of innovation, performance, quality, and delivery.
We call it conscience without compromise.

They source the best and most environmental fibers, spin the highest quality yarn and knit and weave fabrics that are both fashion right and eco-friendly. They work only with their own manufacturing facilities.

And very important: they only use EU approved dyes and chemicals in our dyeing and finishing and carefully monitor and control wastewater! Hemp Fortex also participates in several other humanitarian efforts including the Hemp Fortex Foundation and garment donations to the Leprosy Project in Sichuan. As hemp is antibacterial, there are hopes that these textiles can assist those affected with Leprosy.


Always chooses the most sustainable methods out of respect for raw material. Eventhough Libeco is specialized in working with flax they are one of only a few companies in Belgium who are investing their knowledge to weave with hemp!

This makes us very happy, and visiting this company was very impressive. We saw how they work towards an absolutely no waste policy and their methods convinced us that this company had to be in our list of suppliers. This company should be an example to many.

Weaving, dying, finishing the fabric is all done locally. Ofcourse we pay a higher price for this fabric this is why some of our products might seem overpriced compared to others. We aim to be transparent and will tag our products that are made out of this 100% Belgian fabric. Please keep in mind that paying a higher price is an investment, if you care well for your product it will last very long. This will add to the value of reducing the ecological footprint of your purchase. Hemp is fully biodegradable after use.


Celesta is a textile and apparel manufacturer based in Belgium. Their experienced team and on point communication convinced us to work with them. Their production is mainly in Belgium with some specialized departments elsewhere in Europe.

Being able to work with a manufacturer here in Belgium gives us the opportunity to follow up on production and be involved in the process, this leaves little to no space for miscommunication and mistakes resolving in little to no waste.


A strong and steady rock who raised 4! At Marie & Modest we strongly believe that every scratch of left over fabric should either be recycled or made into something useful. This is where mom comes in the picture. Being very creative and passionate she helps us transform the leftovers from production into beautiful masks and other accessories that we sell in our brick store SLOW in Gent.

Corozo buttons

We aim to select all our materials as eco-friendly as possible. This is why we chose Corozo buttons.

Corozo is a 100% natural product which is similar in consistency to a hard resin. Also known as tagua, it is often referred to as “vegetable ivory.” At a microscopic level, corozo is made up of very tightly wound organic fibers which give it excellent durability and scratch resistance. Its porous nature allows colors to penetrate deep into the surface which makes it an excellent material for dyeing. Corozo is also well known for its elegant natural grain; a unique pattern that, much like a fingerprint, ensures no two buttons are exactly alike.